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Alan D. Davis, a California lawyer practicing in the areas of probate, estate planning, and real estate. With 38 years experience, Alan D. Davis is the lawyer that other lawyers call when they need advice!

Probate is a legal procedure that transfers title to property when someone dies. Unless a deceased person has provided for transfer outside of probate (like a joint tenancy or a living trust), it is necessary to file a petition with the Superior Court and ask the court to decide who gets the property. If there's a Will, the Will designates a beneficiary. If there's no Will, the laws of California determine who one's heirs are. Trying to negotiate the probate courts and weaving your way through complicated forms requires a skilled and experienced probate lawyer.

In addition to probate, our office handles guardianships and conservatorships, real estate matters, landlord/tenant cases, health care directives, powers of attorney, and civil lawsuits.

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